Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The new kittens on the block

Staff member Tico recently pointed out that it's rather biased of us here at Single Orange Kitten to focus just on the orange kittens of the world. There's a lot of little babies who need home.

I've been inspired on the journey into fostering by the awesome team over at Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Laurie does an amazing job and I hope I can foster half as well as she has. It seemed right to name the first batch of foster tinies after IBKC's resident cat, Charlene Butterbean.

Without further ado, meet the Butterbean Girls!

Hello girls! Oh dear, did I wake you up?

Johanna honey, you've got a little bed head going.

Aww, I'm sorry Kirsten. But I'm awfully excited to introduce you to people! Where's Ilene?

There she is! Finally, I've got bright eyed and bushy tailed kitten. Strike a pose sweetie!

Thank you. No, don't go jumping on your sisters...*sigh* Oh dear. Looks like a rumpus in the making. I'd better go see to it that nobody breaks a lamp.

These wonderful little ladies come from the awesome team at Austin Pets Alive. APA is dedicated to help making Austin, Tx a no kill city. Right now there are 500 kitties looking for homes in Austin. Let's help find these three a forever home!


  1. They are all so cute! I am rather partial to Ilene. She is just gorgeous!

  2. Ilene is also quite the entertainment when you play with them. I'm in love with Ollie though...